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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world’s leading test of English for higher education and migration. Over 1.7 million people take IELTS every year, and this number is growing rapidly. More than 6000 universities, government bodies and professional organizations accept IELTS scores, and there is a growing demand for IELTS preparation services and courses,IELTS is jointly owned by the Brithish Council,IDP:IELTS Australia and University of Cambridge ESQL Examinations.

The IELTS tests come in two formats:

  • Academic – tests a person’s ability to study in English at undergraduate or postgraduate level
  • General Training – this module is suitable for people who are going to an English-speaking country to work or train at below undergraduate level. It is also used for immigration purposes to Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand.


Paper Content Time
Reading 40 Questions 60 minutes
Writing 2 Tasks 60 minutes
Speaking 3 Parts 11-14 minutes

Test Results -  Results are standardized and usually available within two weeks of the test, and Test Report Forms are sent to the candidates and to the sponsor(s)/receiving institution(s). Test centers are not permitted to give results out over the phone, nor by fax or e-mail

Test.Scores IELTS provides a profile of a candidate’s ability to use English. Candidates receive scores on a Band Scale from 1 to 9. A score is reported for each module of the test. The individual module scores are then averaged and rounded to produce an Overall Band Score according to a confidential band score conversion table.

Test.Report.Form. A descriptive statement giving a summary of the English of a candidate classified at each band level is provided below and is included on the reverse of the Test Report Form. The completed Test Report Form bears a centre stamp, a validation stamp, the candidate’s photograph and the authorized centre representative’s signature, and the authenticity of any Test Report Form can be verified by means of the Test Report Form Verification Service located at

IELTS bandscores

There are total of 40 questions each in Reading and Listening Modules of IELTS. The band scoring system of the 40 questions are mentioned below:

No.of Answers Score Score Interpretation of Results
20 5.5 1 Non User
25 6 2 Intermittent User
28 6.5 3 Extremely Limited User
30 7 4 Limited User
33 7.5 5 Modest User
38 8.5 7 Good User
40 9 9 Expert User

Course Details:

Duration:50 hours.